Discovering: Norma Costello

Discovering: Norma Costello


Bridge to Joy

Certified Life Coach (Strategic Intervention)

Spiritual Counselor/Teacher/ Intuitive

Reiki Master and Quantum Lightweaving® Practitioner

I am a facilitator of joyful living, and a catalyst for positive change and growth. I believe at the core of every person is JOY and that it is waiting to be expressed through your unique and empowered life. I work from a holistic approach, seeking to help you balance physical, spiritual, emotional and mental bodies. I use my intuitive gifts and knowledge to assist you to release blocks to your highest and most authentic life. I use whatever tools in my toolbox you personally need. My degree and background in Occupational Therapy, life experiences, and extensive training in personal and spiritual development will assist you to:

  • Release blocks to your greatest and most joyful life

  • Recover after divorce, loss of spouse and other loved ones

  • Collapse old patterns, beliefs, and emotions

  • Develop and strengthen inner peace and tranquility

  • Reprogram and develop new goals, and clarify your life purpose

  • Enrich your self worth and relationship with self

  • Reduce fear and embrace loving relationships

  • Understand human needs psychology through my personal teaching

  • Strengthen body, mind and spirit through self-healing

  • Resolve issues from traumas and dramas of the past

  • Discover a playful, joyous expression of your divine inner child

You can reach me for appointments at 770-676-8338. Or email me at I see clients by appointment, phone, Skype, and in person on Wednesdays from 11-5PM at Marketplace 120, 562 Wylie Rd SE, Marietta, GA 30067.

Norma Costello loves people. She has always been intrigued by the uniqueness in everyone she meets. She loves making people laugh, and helping them to see the beauty, the JOY, in life.

Being the charmed (third) sister of seven, she learned early on that a sense of humor is a lifesaver, and she knows that her biggest life lessons were learned through her “big, fat Irish-Italian family.

Norma started her career as a Registered Occupational Therapist, working in home health, nursing homes, and clinics. Looking back at this earlier period in her life, she attributes much of her ability to see the total person (not just the mangled hand), to her training in OT.

She and her husband raised three children in North Alabama, on Lake Wilson. She became fond of nature, and she loved the mountains, beach and lakes, and particularly enjoyed taking her children water skiing, boating and swimming right outside her back door. She now is blessed with 7 grandchildren to love.

Norma went through a very difficult time when she divorced her husband of 30 years, simultaneously experiencing empty-nest as her youngest daughter left for college. She moved to the Atlanta area (Woodstock) and started a new life chapter. At this time she became interested in empowering others through life coaching, so she completed her certification in Strategic Intervention, a program that uses Tony Robbins’ strategies. She also became interested in Energy Healing work, and became a Reiki Master and Quantum Lightweaving® practitioner. She has done extensive work to develop her intuitive skills. In addition, she is an Independent Distributor of Young Living Essential Oils.

Norma uses a unique combination of life lessons, formal and informal education, and a myriad of classes, books and articles on personal development and spiritual growth to assist others on their life path. She is available at [email protected].

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