DISCOVER | Starr Petronella

DISCOVER | Starr Petronella

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Starr Petronella, the latest artist to join our family, has always loved art and photography. While growing up, she used both as a creative outlet – a way to express herself.

And lately, that love has led her to strange places – abandoned buildings. By her own admission, she’s fascinated by them, particularly when they’re found in urban settings. “Rust & decay tell a story,” she says. “Both of the life that once was and of the way time & nature always take their toll.”

Sometimes haunting and sometimes beautiful, Starr’s art straddles the line between modern & vintage, sincere & surreal.

In 2003, Starr earned a BA in Sociology from Georgia State University. After getting married and starting a family, she decided to pursue photography as a career. She returned to school and earned her Commercial Photography Degree from Gwinnett Technical College. There, she won the coveted “Best Portfolio” Award for her graduating class. She also competed in the Skills USA photography competitions, where she took 1st place in the state competition and 2nd at the national competition. Starr also placed 2nd in the portrait selection of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) Summer Shootout National Competition in 2011. Her work has been featured in David Atlanta Magazine, as well as Revolve Paper.

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