DISCOVER | Frederic Payet

DISCOVER | Frederic Payet

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frederic-payet-1401313787-mediumFrederic Payet was born on the French Island of Madagascar, reared in Paris and moved to Atlanta Georgia, in 1989.

Payet’s defining style is impressionism. He uses this style to idyllically encapsulate his perceptions of the world. His work conveys the long-lost environments of a calm countryside, whether French or North American.

Two of his significant characteristics, usually underrepresented in the impressionistic works of other current artists, are the boldness of color choice and the vibrating, life-like movement on the canvas. Draped shamelessly in blues and purples, his landscapes are beyond sensual purity. The life-like motion passively emblazoned within the definite application of the palette knife creates a vibrancy hard to ignore.

Payet’s work certainly makes one ponder the famous line from Oscar Wilde ‘Life imitates art far more than art imitates life’ While observing the foliage movement of Payet’s landscapes, or the trickles of life reflections, spontaneously absorbing the sun-soaked sceneries, one truly wonders if
Payet imitates life, or was it life that has starting to look like art.

For nearly 22 years Payet has emerged as one of Atlanta’s premiere artists. His work has been featured in numerous exhibitions across the United States and Europe.

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