DISCOVER | Elisha Fields

DISCOVER | Elisha Fields

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As an artist, Elisha Fields practices many forms. But truly, it’s a form she’s created unto herself that best exemplifies the thoughtfulness of her work, the depth of her meditations.

Chiselism, a medium derived from Fractured Art and Cubism, is Ms. Fields’ personal response to the “arranging and rearranging of our lives.” It represents our individual fragmentation, how we “unfold and come apart, and then struggle to pull ourselves back together” while adapting to constantly changing environments and lifestyles.

And frankly, it’s both brilliant and apt. In many ways, the current century has set a pace we can neither maintain or keep up with, and, in response, it’s only natural that we splinter. Ms. Fields has created a form that symbolizes that process; it is the perfect form of abstract expressionism for the 21st century.

You can find several pieces of Ms. Fields’ Chiselist work here at MarketPlace 120. You can purchase her book, “Chiselism and the Evolution of an Artist,” here as well. Ms. Fields’ work, which has shown in several national and international juried exhibits, has won many awards, while two of her paintings have been published on book covers.

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