DISCOVER  | Celia Durand

DISCOVER | Celia Durand

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Despite earning her degree in teaching and journalism, Celia Durand, a native Argentinian, always dabbled in arts and crafts. In fact, during her early years, when she wasn’t busy raising a family, she studied ceramics and sculpture. It was at that time that Celia developed her “own style,” while also participating in several group showings. She began winning awards immediately.

Years later, after she’d taught herself the basics of early microprocessors and computer programming, Celia wrote several computer programs, including “The Banner Machine,” which printed large-sized banners using a dot matrix printer. Little did she know, that machine only foreshadowed her future work.

Celia’s move to Atlanta coincided with the advances in digital photography, opening a whole new world of possibilities. For the first time, she was able to combine her artistic aspirations and her fascination with computers.

Now, Celia’s signature form is digital photo art. She transforms natural elements, like flowers & waterfalls, into timeless works of art, all digitally manipulated to maximize beauty. Hers is an elegant medium; her pieces invoke sentiments of peace and tranquility. Her work puts people at ease.

The last few years, Celia has participated in numerous art shows and received many awards. Visit MarketPlace and her website to learn more.

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