6 Common Electrical Problems Around Home that Require an Electrician

Posted on: October 13, 2020 Posted by: MarketPlace 120

A fully functioning house cannot be thought without efficient electrical set-up. Your homes, as small or large they might be, are filled with electrical systems. From wirings to circuits as well as appliances, they all are an electrical necessity. You rely on their functioning every day, and you might face a hurdle with them once a while.

Home Electrical

So, what should you do? Should you trust your DIY self and fix the issue on your own? Before you pull your sleeves back, halt your thoughts! Whenever you face any common electrical problems, always let aresidential electrical contractor handle it. They have more expertise and tools that are needed to handle the situation. Most importantly, they know what they’re dealing with.

Here are six common electrical problems that you might come across in your home that require an electrician:

Flickering Lights

Perhaps one of the most common electrical issues that are faced by numerous people around their house is of flickering lights. They may seem like a tiny issue that can be easily fixed, but be aware that it might point to a bigger issue. Perpetually flickering lights sometimes result from grid problems. There could a downed line or more issues along in the system.

You might’ve tried your luck by changing the bulb, but if it continues, you’ll need to seek help from a residential electrical contractor. It could be that there’s a faulty texture or a poor wiring connection. A skilled electrician will be able to swiftly diagnose the issue and provide and careful fix.

High-Voltage Trips

If you live in an old, constructed home or building, you might experience tripped breakers. It can happen when you use appliances like microwaves or any other machine. The reason this happens is that some houses aren’t designed to keep up with high-voltage loads. This can lead to tripped breakers that can take out the power of a portion or all of your house.

In such a scenario, you’ll have to add a circuit or upgrade your current one that will take-up the load. Taking the help of the best residential electrical service in your town can help fix the issue fast and easily.


Heated Receptacles

Oftentimes the dimmer switches in your home tend to get warm when you connect them to certain bulbs. However, if your receptacle gets heated up, it requires immediate attention. You will need to avoid plugging again in that receptacle for your safety. Further, you will also need to check other receptacles for burn marks or similar heating issues.

Did you know that faulty receptacles can potentially start a fire and also cause serious damage to the walls? Only the best residential electrical serviceprofessional will be able to deal with this problem fast and help save your family.

Loose Plugs

Have you been enduring the issue of plugs falling out of the outlet again and again? If yes, you need the help of an electrician in this regard. Every electrical outlet has contacts that grip the prongs of the appliances tightly for a safe connection. If your plugs keep coming off from the same outlet, it needs a replacement.

A worn-out contact leads to an arc that can easily cause fire behind your drywall. Hence, don’t think twice before getting the issue fixed by a skilled electrician.

Smelling Switch

Do you get a strong whiff of a smell coming from your switch? If yes, you’ll need to stop using it until it’s fixed. When there’s an arcing in the fixture, it causes this odor. In this case, you’ll need to replace or fix it fast. They have the potential of starting fires that can be avoided by taking the help of an experienced electrician.

Exposed Wires

When you DIY your house with any project, it can leave some wires exposed and hanging. It is hazardous and can cause damage if left untreated. By taking the help of a residential electric contractor, you’ll be able to fix the issue. They will cover and attach these wires into place and ensure that they are properly secured.

Summing Up

Your house can be full of potential electrical dangers. It is prudent not to take matters into your hands or downplay it. Electrical problems have serious consequences if not dealt with in time by a professional. Hence if you run into an electric issue, make sure that you consult with a residential electric contractor. They have all the necessary tools and expertise to deal with any and every electrical hassle.