I was always interested in drawing but never took any formal training until my wife signed me up for classes at diDomizio’s Old World Art Center with internationally trained artist Chris diDomizio. I have learned the classical techniques of the old masters. I am still attending classes there to continue my learning process.

My first love is painting aircraft and so my first original work was of an F/22 Stealth aircraft that was built in Marietta Georgia; aircraft number AF10195; it was the last one produced at the plant. My 24×36 painting was displayed at the ceremony for the final delivery at the Lockheed Martin plant. I have interest in also painting old cars, trucks and landscapes.

I have worked with digital graphics and have sold many prints of aircraft with muscle cars in the pictures. The F/35 and F/22 are the planes that are feathered in these prints; they started out as desktop wallpapers and people wanted prints of these wallpapers.

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