Kathy Woodworth has had a lifelong interest in art. After retiring from the corporate world she pursued this interest and launched her practical education and career as an artist. She’s studied with a number of Atlanta area artists in a variety of media and workshops with nationally known artists.

Her personal motif in life has always been both contemporary and strong in colors. Her work reflects her interest in and her preference for impressionist and abstract artwork. Her work is intuitive and while she starts with a color scheme and surface determined, the art work develops as she proceeds.

She believes that each person sees something different in an abstract as they view from their own life experience. Each time an abstract is viewed something new may be found. This is part of the joy of creating or owning this type of art. Life is a journey and art becomes a major focus of that journey.

Kathy is an active member of metro arts organizations. Her work is exhibited in many juried shows and other venues in Georgia. A Georgia native, she resides in Marietta.

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