Elite Shaier shares a little bit about why she loves working with furniture.

“I have lived with the scent of wood, glue, stain and thinner in my nostrils and the sound of saw cutting, the drill piercing, and the nails penetrating the wood since childhood. Dad was a carpenter; a famous one, back in the days. I was attracted by a different kind of art- writing, painting, and drawing. Only years later, when I become a mother, I joined the “family business “. In retrospect it was the best job I have ever had. Years past, I became a teacher, my father passed away and we moved here. I started tracking interesting furniture with ‘good bones’ to give it new life and sometime, new purpose. Each one is one of a kind and I put a lot of time and thought into each one as they deserve. These pieces have stories to tell, they have been around for some time and I appreciate and respect them. I love to listen to them and work with them to make them beautiful and functional once more. It is an on-going conversation with my dad. I hope you will love them too.”

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