My name is Connie Blehm and my husband and I are Silver Lining Ventures, Inc.

My line of jewelry is all handcrafted and designed by me. I first started making only rosaries. I was going through RCIA classes to become confirmed and when I went to buy my first rosary I wanted one with natural gemstones however I wasn’t wanting to spend $140.00 and up for one. So I looked into making my own. I did and found it very peaceful and satisfying. That’s when I decided to start making jewelry and make it a business. I then started making earrings, necklaces, bracelets and have expanded to my boot bracelets.   My goal was and still is to make all of my items affordable, still using quality materials.  I also make my jewelry unique and unless you are buying my Christmas earrings you won’t find another one like it. I know everyone likes to look their best, feel pretty and show how unique we all are without breaking the bank.

As you look upon my wall you will also see that I have started in repurposing items such as the old insulators and old door knobs. I do hope that you enjoy looking at my designs as much as I enjoy designing them.

May your day always be blessed…

Connie Blehm

Silver Lining Ventures

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